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The Kajoo Builder is a robust tool for creating web components that don’t require any coding expertise. In the builder, you can see your wireframe translated into specific elements, which you can re-order, replace, add to, resize and configure at your will. The Kajoo Builder offers the flexibility you need to make the components you want.

The Kajoo Builder

The Design Panel

Components in Kajoo are built out of individual elements. In the Kajoo Builder, you can add elements to your component by dragging them from the Design tab in the left-hand panel.

The Properties Panel

Every element in Kajoo has properties that can be modified, including its name, styling, and element type. These properties, in addition to a preview of the styling code, can be viewed in the right-hand properties panel.

Adding and Switching Elements

In the Kajoo builder, the Design Panel to the left shows the various elements you can add to a component. If you want to add an element that you didn’t have in the wireframe, you can do that here. You can also scrap everything and build it from scratch.

Replacing an Element through Deletion

  1. Select the element you want to replace

  2. Delete it with the delete key

  3. Drag the replacement element into place and resize to specifications

Replacing an Element Through the Properties Pane

  1. Select the element you want to replace

  2. In the right-hand properties pane, open the “Type” dropdown menu, and select the element type you would like to switch the element to

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