Styling and Other Functionalities

The styling functionality works the same between the Classic Canvas and the New Canvas, with a few new features in the new canvas.

In-Canvas Styling

Our styling menu groups together related functionalities to help the user style individual elements. For most given elements, users can customize Size, Position, Margins, Padding, Inner Layout, Text options, Background, Border, and Flex Properties. Users can also see a preview of the compiled styling rules at the bottom of the inspector window.

Saving a Styling Variant From Within Canvas

If you make a styling customization to an element that you like, you can save it and reuse it as many times as you wish. Once you’re happy with an element’s styling, simply click “Create New Variant” in the Canvas inspector window to the right. You’ll be asked to give your new styling variant a name, and the variant will be saved under this name in the Theme you selected for your project (if you did not create a new theme or select an existing theme for your project, the variant will be saved under the Default Theme). You can also make changes to this variant from the Theme settings screen, and those changes will be reflected wherever your Theme and variant are used.

Other Features


The Kajoo Canvas now has undo/redo functionality. If you’re not happy with a choice you just made and you’re not sure exactly what you did, simply click the undo button or ctrl-z. If you change your mind, simply click the redo button or ctrl-y.